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Recherche éditeur - Looking for editor

Je suis à la recherche d'un éditeur pour la publication et diffusion à l'échelle mondiale du recueil de Messages Divins JESUS EN DIRECT.


Merci de me contacter par le formulaire de CONTACT.


Looking for an editor for publication and worldwide commercialisation of the collection of Divine Messages JESUS LIVE.


Please use the CONTACT form to get in touch with me.



pour informer de la nouvelle réalité depuis le 11 mars 2011

URGENT APPEAL to inform on the new reality since March 11, 2011



"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

Albert Einstein

"Le monde est dangereux à vivre. Non pas à cause de ceux qui font le mal,

mais à cause de ceux qui regardent et laissent faire."

Albert Einstein


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell


"Les hommes répugnent à accepter ce qui est facile à saisir. "

  Henry Miller




Think again, think seven times again before you leap 
and start construction of new nuclear power plants.
Mikhail Gorbachev
June 2006

22 novembre 2016 2 22 /11 /novembre /2016 12:07

Le nouveau tremblement de terre au Japon, proche de Fukushima, est l'occasion de rappeler les innombrables Messages reçus du Monde Invisible de 2011 à fin 2014 pour informer, avertir et  conseiller afin d'aider les populations du monde entier de faire face à cette catastrophe sans précédent qui ne pourra pas être stoppée.


The latest earthquake in Japan, near Fukushima, is a good occasion to remind you of the numerous Messages received from the Invisible World between 2011 and the end of the year 2014 meant to inform, warn and give advice in order to help populations worldwide so as to enable them to face this unprecedented disaster impossible to bring to an end.


Vu le tremblement de terre proche de Fukushima, il est bon d'apprendre la radioprotection

Given the latest earthquake near Fukushima, reminder to learn radioprotection



Fukushima : Avertissement du Monde Invisible

Fukushima : Warnings from the Invisible World



Fukushima : Messages Divins pour le Japaon

Fukushima : Divine Messages to Japan



Fukushima : Conseils du Monde Invisible pour le Japon et le Monde

Fukushima : Otherworldly Advice for Japan and the World



Participez à faire passer ces Messages !

Help spreading these Messages !

Merci - Thanking you !



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21 janvier 2015 3 21 /01 /janvier /2015 18:37

Le Japon deviendra inhabitable


article qui ne fait que confirmer

l'avertissement inlassablement répété par l'Autre Monde :




plus d'informations



Le premier ministre Kan avait envisagé l'évacuation de Tokyo.


voir la lettre ouverte de l'Autre Monde au gouvernement du Japon


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19 janvier 2015 1 19 /01 /janvier /2015 18:09

Remarquable résumé (en Anglais) des dangers et conséquences dramatiques de la catastrophe nucléaire de FUKUSHIMA


first published on Truth-out.org


qui confirme le contenu des Messages Divins reçus depuis le début de cette catastrophe, Messages publiés en grande partie sur ce site afin d'informer, avertir et conseiller le grand public vu le GRAND silence des institutions partout dans le monde.


C'est aux citoyens de faire circuler l'information si précieuse pour protéger la santé et la Vie sur Terre.


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18 janvier 2015 7 18 /01 /janvier /2015 18:14


Tokyo Contaminated & Not Fit for Habitation, Doctor Says


Posted September 25, 2014 by I-SIS 


All 23 districts of Tokyo contaminated with radiation, worse than at Chernobyl after the accident, and blood cells of children under ten are showing worrying changes; the WHO, the IAEA & the Japanese government cannot be trusted.

by Susie Greaves

In July 2014 Dr Shigeru Mita wrote a letter to his fellow doctors to explain his decision to move his practice from Tokyo to Okayama city in the West of Japan [1]. In it, he appeals to their sense of duty to answer the anxieties of parents in Japan who do not believe the information coming from the authorities. He says “I must state that the policies of the WHO, the IAEA or the Japanese government cannot be trusted.” and “if the power to save our citizens and future generations exists somewhere, it does not lie within the government or any academic association, but in the hands of individual clinical doctors ourselves.”

Mita claims that all 23 districts of Tokyo are contaminated, with the eastern area worst affected — up to 4 000 Bq/kg. (The becquerel is a unit of radioactivity. One Bq is the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.) These findings confirm what the nuclear physicist Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Nuclear Education found in 2012, when he picked up five random soil samples in Tokyo from between paving stones, in parks and playgrounds. The levels of contamination were up to 7 000 Bq/kg; in the US, anything registering these levels would be considered nuclear waste [2].

While practising in Tokyo, Mita also discovered changes in the white blood cells of children under 10.

Independent science & independent reporting in Japan outlawed

In December 2013, the Japanese parliament passed a bill whereby public officials and private citizens could face ten years in prison for divulging “special state secrets”, and journalists, five years, for seeking to obtain classified information. The bill is widely interpreted as a way of preventing sensitive information about Fukushima (among other topics) reaching the Japanese public and by extension the rest of the world [3].

The independent organisation Reporters without Borders has downgraded Japan in its world press freedom index from 22nd place in 2012, to 53rd in 2013 and to 59th in 2014, following the passing of the state secrets bill. Reporters without Borders say that Japan“has been affected by a lack of transparency and almost zero respect for access to information on subjects directly or indirectly related to Fukushima” [4].

Nuclear lobby put in charge

Back in December 2012, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) whose mission is to promote the peaceful uses of the atom, signed agreements with Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Medical University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. These “Practical Arrangements” have in effect, handed over the management of the post-accident situation at Fukushima and its health consequences to the nuclear lobby. Among other clauses regarding cooperation and funding, we read that “The Parties will ensure the confidentiality of information classified by the other Party as restricted or confidential” [5].

But this should come as no surprise. Anyone who doubts the heavy hand of the nuclear lobby in the “management” (i.e. minimisation) of nuclear accidents should read the account by the physicist Bella Belbéoch entitled “Western responsibility regarding the health consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe in Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia” [6]. The initial Soviet cover up of the accident is well known. Less well known are the “stages of submission” in which the IAEA forced the Soviets to accede to their demands to minimise estimates of the health effects of the accident. In a series of manipulations and bullying tactics, they forced the Soviet officials to divide their estimates of the health effects by a factor of 10. One Soviet delegate, Legassov, committed suicide, a few days after he capitulated to the IAEA demands, on the 26th April 1988, the second anniversary of the Chernobyl accident.

A travesty of reporting on risks and cancers

How has the nuclear lobby reacted to Fukushima? A preliminary assessment published in 2012 by the World Health Organisation (but actually emanating from the IAEA) managed to draw optimistic conclusions, while ignoring two critical groups, the workers at the TEPCO plant, and the people who were evacuated from the immediate area (See [7] WHO Report on Fukushima a Travesty SiS 55). Then in 2013, the UNSCEAR report [8] described the risks of people developing thyroid cancer, leukaemia and breast cancer as barely discernible, even though the rates of childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima prefecture are already 40 times what would be expected [9]. The UNSCEAR report has been criticised by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War because it consistently underestimates the radiation dose received, underestimates internal radiation, ignores the vulnerability of the human embryo to radiation, ignores hereditary effects, ignores the unreliability of the dose received by workers at the stricken plant, and only considers some cancers as potential health effects, whereas the experience of Chernobyl shows that every vital organ and system of the body is affected [10].

Raising the ‘safe’ limit of radiation

The Japanese people are faced with a government whose response to the dangers of the radiation was to increase the acceptable limit from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year and who are now encouraging people to move back into areas that had previously been evacuated. (The millisievert is a unit of radiation dose. Before the Fukushima accident, Japan, like the rest of the world, respected the limit of 1 mSv/year recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).) Meanwhile, the nuclear lobby wants to see the resumption of nuclear power in Japan as quickly as possible. This is not an atmosphere in which doctors are encouraged to report health effects that could be the result of radiation, and certainly not in Tokyo, whose residents have been led to believe that they have nothing to fear.

Changes in white blood cells in children

Mita began work as a general practitioner in Tokyo in the 1990s. In the letter to his colleagues explaining his decision to move his practice from Tokyo to Okayama City, he claims that contamination in the eastern part of Tokyo is 1000-4000 Bq/kg and in the western part, 300-1000Bq/kg. He compares these levels with Kiev, in Ukraine, after the accident at Chernobyl, of 500 Bq/kg, and with measurements taken before the 2011 Fukushima accident at Shinjuku, the site of the Tokyo municipal government of 0.5 – 1.5 Bq/kg. He says that

Tokyo should no longer be inhabited, and that those who insist on living in Tokyo must take regular breaks in safer areas.

Mita conducts thyroid ultrasound tests for parents who are concerned about the health of their children but he is now concerned about the results of another test on children under 10, the differential white blood cell count. This test is undergone routinely by workers in the nuclear industry who are exposed to radiation. Blood is produced in bone marrow, which is one of the organs most vulnerable to radiation. The white blood cells consist of five different kinds of cells, neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinocytes, basophils and monocytes, and it is the relative numbers of these five cell types that is examined. Mita has found a decline in neutrophils in children under 10, in areas that are not considered to be highly contaminated or even contaminated at all. His patients come from Northern Kanto, the area around Tokyo and including Tokyo itself [11].

"The pediatricians’ general textbook says that the reference value of neutrophils for healthy children (6-12 years old) is between 3000 and 5000. 3000 is considered as the threshold value.” Mita says. “But the mean value of neutrophils of the children who have visited our clinics since the accident has decreased to 2500. … It is lower than the threshold value of 3000. I think this points at a serious problem."

Mita explains that although the decrease in neutrophil does not directly cause lowered immunity, it is “the last bastion of the immunity system” and could play a role in fatal illnesses such as septicaemia in the case of aggressive colds. “In the summer of 2011, there were many children with bloodshot eyes; and what we saw most were children with dark circles under the eyes. We also had increased occurrence of sinusitis. Previously, these patients got better soon after they were given proper treatment; however, we are seeing more cases of sinusitis accompanied with mild case of asthma continuing for longer periods. And when these children spend some time in the West, they get better. If at all possible, I would like them to move away from East Japan.”

In adults, he has found increased nosebleeds, hair loss, lack of energy, subcutaneous bleeding, visible urinary haemorrhage, skin inflammation, and coughs. He has found an increase in infectious diseases such as influenza, hand, foot and mouth diseases and shingles. “We also see more patients with diseases that had been rare before; for example, polymyalgia rheumatica is a disease common among those above age 50 and contracted by 1.7 people out of every 100,000. Before 3.11, [the date of the accident at Fukushima] we had one or less patient per year. Now, we treat more than 10 patients at the same time.” Dr Mita wonders “Could these be the same symptoms of muscle rheumatism that were recorded in Chernobyl?”

Finally, Mita says that the radioactive contamination of Tokyo is increasing because of the Japanese government’s policy of transporting radioactive waste from the Fukushima zone all over Japan for incineration or burial. The Japanese government and the nuclear authorities claimed that filters on the stacks of the incineration plants would remove most of the radioactivity, but this is not the case, and in the opinion of many, it is adding to the contamination. Arnie Gundersen, for instance says, “They are creating 100 to 1000 times more radioactive material by burning debris than keeping it in concentrated form” [12].

To conclude

Mita is talking about his perceptions of the changes in health of a population living in an area that is not considered contaminated. It will be all too easy to dismiss his findings. He himself is not optimistic. He acknowledges that to prove any of his suspicions would require teams of doctors, and expensive research projects to compare groups of people, their radioactive contamination and the illnesses from which they suffer. That’s something simply beyond the reach of any single physician. In other words, “it’s impossible under the present state to collect the kind of data that would be printed in a prestigious science magazine. Still, as long as I know that something strange is clearly happening, I can’t just sit here doing nothing.”

And here is Professor Yablokov talking about the difficulties that doctors and scientists experienced in the Chernobyl territories, to prove a correlation between radiation and illness [13]: “The demand by IAEA and WHO experts to require “significant correlation” between the imprecisely calculated levels of individual radiation […] and precisely diagnosed illnesses […] is not, in our view, scientifically valid. […] We believe it is scientifically incorrect to reject data generated by many thousands of scientists, doctors and other experts who directly observed the suffering of millions affected by radioactive fallout in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, as “mismatching scientific protocols.” It is scientifically valid to find ways to abstract the valuable information from these data.” Yablokov goes on to list the ways in which this could be done.

But it was not done in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, and, in this way, the true health consequences of the Chernobyl accident remain hidden. The 2 million people, including 500,000 children still living in the worst contaminated areas around Chernobyl suffer a myriad of illnesses. (According to the Ministry of Health and Sciences in Belarus in 2000, 85% of the children in the contaminated areas were ill, whereas that figure was 15% before the accident in 1986 [14].)

Mita has made a brave decision. The pressure on health professionals and other citizens in Japan to remain silent about the health consequences of Fukushima, will lead to a health catastrophe there — not now, but in the decades to come.

For more on Fukushima and Chernobyl see [15] Truth about Fukushima and other articles in the series (SiS 55) and [16] Fukushima Crisis Goes Global (SiS 61).


  1. World Network for Saving Children from Radiation (2014). A Tokyo doctor who has moved to western Japan urges fellow doctors to promote radiation protection: A message from Dr Mita to his colleagues in Kodaira, Tokyo. Accessed 25 August 2014, http://www.save-children-from-radiation.org/2014/07/16/a-tokyo-doctor-who-has-moved-to-western-japan-urges-fellow-doctors-to-promote-radiation-protection-a-message-from-dr-mita-to-his-colleagues-in-kodaira-city-t/ 

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  3. “Japan whistleblowers face crackdown under proposed state secrets law.” Justin McMurray, Guardian, 5 December 2013. Accessed 25 August 2014, http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/05/whistleblowers-japan-crackdown-state-secrets  

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5 décembre 2014 5 05 /12 /décembre /2014 16:48

Je vous invite à découvrir la vidéo (en Anglais) du Dr Stephen Hosea, Santa Barbara, USA, expliquant le désastre nucléaire de Fukushima depuis son début et ses conséquences dramatiques sur la Vie.





Faites circuler la vidéo pour faire prendre conscience de l'énorme danger émanant de Fukushima et de toutes les centrales nucléaires dans le monde.

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5 décembre 2014 5 05 /12 /décembre /2014 14:43


Je vous invite à prendre connaissance de la publication (en Anglais) fort instructive qui confirme de nombreux points évoqués dans les Messages Divins depuis le début de la catastrophe nucléaire de Fukushima :



Vu l'importance du contenu, je vous prie de bien vouloir faire passer le lien, de préférence à vos contacts au Japon.

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11 novembre 2014 2 11 /11 /novembre /2014 15:58

Des explications techniques sur le CORIUM qui vous permettent de mieux cerner l'énorme danger qui guette le Monde,

raison pourquoi il faut apprendre d'urgence la radioprotection, seul moyen pour rester en bonne santé.



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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 11:42

Voici juste un exemple de confirmation de ce qui a été annoncé dans les Messages Divins publiés en grande partie sur ce blog depuis le début du désastre nucléaire de Fukushima.


Je vous invite de consulter le site http://enenews.com/ pour de précieuses informations que vous ne trouverez pas aussi facilement ailleurs. 


Apprenez maintenant à protéger votre santé dans un environnement de plus en plus radioactif ; votre avenir en dépend.


Asahi Shimbun, June 2, 2014: One of the darkest hours in the Fukushima nuclear disaster came very early on when [TEPCO] said the situation [at Fukushima Daiichi] was out of control. After hearing this, nuclear experts and government officials gathered at the prime minister’s office in Tokyo got ready to throw in the towel [...] [Goshi Hosono, special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan] conveyed the utter panic and hopelessness that gripped people in the room. TEPCO executives said the nuclear reactors “are now out of control” as signs emerged of major damage to the No. 2 reactor’s containment vessel. [...] Hosono’s account offers the most complete picture to date of the helplessness that raged as the enormity of the disaster became apparent early on March 15, 2011 [...] TEPCO officials became hugely alarmed around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., when the pressure inside the reactor containment vessel started shooting up, prompting them to state that things are “out of control.” [...] Other nuclear experts who were present at the office, like Haruki Madarame, chairman of the Nuclear Safety Commission, shared the same mind-set with TEPCO that all options had run out in containing the disaster.


Asahi Shimbun interview with Goshi Hosono, adviser to PM Naoto Kan: “It was shocking to hear the words ‘out of control’ from TEPCO. With nuclear experts saying the situation was out of control, there was no way I could tell them to keep it under control. [...] With nothing we could do, we felt an overpowering sense of helplessness [...] Overall, we all thought the withdrawal had to be stopped no matter what, but we didn’t have anything to back up our belief. How do we do this … ? With TEPCO saying there was nothing they could do, we were consumed by hopelessness.”

[Watch:  Hosono: Very strong possibility there is nuclear fuel outside containment vessel]


Fukushima plant manager Masao Yoshida’s comments to gov’t panel about crisis on Mar. 14-15, 2011: “It’s because the water, it isn’t going in. If water can’t go in, the fuel, it’s just going to melt away. It could be plutonium, it could be something else, but all substances amounting from the fuel are going to be released. It’s going to be a much more serious matter than the current cesium situation because all the radioactive substances are going to be released and dispersed outside. We’re imagining the collapse of eastern Japan. The situation is going to be more than a Chernobyl-class disaster, maybe not exactly like the film ‘The China Syndrome,’ but more like that. Then, we’ll have to stop pumping water into the No. 1 and No. 3 reactors as well.”


See also: Tepco: Reactor 3 melted earlier than reported, water went in wrong pipes — It’s confirmed water supplied by fire trucks flowed into pipes not leading to cores at the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors

More: Nuclear engineer given access by top official: “Molten ‘lava’ melted bottom of containment vessel” at Fukushima — Huge amounts of fission materials released into environment


source :http://enenews.com/fukushima-nuclear-chief-its-going-to-be-like-film-china-syndrome-were-imagining-collapse-of-eastern-japan-more-than-a-chernobyl-class-disaster-it-could-be-plutonium-all

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17 février 2014 1 17 /02 /février /2014 12:52




source : http://fairewinds.org/media/fairewinds-videos/new-tepco-report-shows-damage-unit-3-fuel-pool-much-worse-unit-4



L'explosion au réacteur 3 avait créé des ondes de choc supersoniques et fait chuter environ 50 tonnes de débris dans la cuve de stockage des barres de combustion usées. 

Conséquence : des barres de combustion usées endommagées, donc difficiles à enlever d'autant plus que la radiation dans le réacteur 3 est tellement élevée que ni hommes ni robots ne peuvent y intervenir.  Il n'existe actuellement pas de technologie qui permettrait de sécuriser ces barres de combustion usées endommagées. 

En résumé : la situation au réacteur 3 est pire qu'au réacteur 4.

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12 février 2014 3 12 /02 /février /2014 15:40


Helen CALDICOTT : « There is no “best case scenario” for Fukushima, just worsening degrees of horror because it’s scientifically impossible to clean up what has already occurred. And with thousands of spent fuel rods and thousands more active rods still in the fuel pools of the damaged reactor buildings, the worst case scenario –if another major earthquake hits the area – is an ecological nightmare of biblical proportions for everyone living in the Northern hemisphere. »

Source : http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-horrible-truth-about-fukushima-helen-caldicott-md/#oEMeJdGgqXKUuhuX.99


site de Helen Caldicott : http://www.helencaldicott.com/

book : « Nuclear Power is not the Answer »

video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=en_CiEnJ4Wo



Pour mieux comprendre pourquoi il faut apprendre d'urgence la radioprotection :

Vidéo par Dr Helen Caldicott :

"The Horrible Truth about Fukushima"



In her video, Helen Caldicott talks about the same dangers and consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster as stated in the many Divine Messages received since March 2011 ; here are some of the main points :


A big earthquake (over 7) could make reactor 4 collapse (could end up in a huge fire equal to about 14,000 times Hiroshima) ; spent fool rods may break during dismantlement and lead to nuclear fusion.

Radiation would affect mostly the whole Northern Hemisphere. 


Fukushima being several times worse than Chernobyl, politicians must be educated in radioprotection in order to urgently educate people.


It is important to protect your thyroid by taking iodine.

Keep iodine tablets at home in case of a meltdown (about 70 % efficient in protection from radiation).

Keep informed on Fukushima regularly.


Radiation affecting genes, there will be mutations in humans (babies will be deformed), animals and plants. Children are getting cancer of the thyroid due to radiation from Fukushima ; problems appear earlier than after Chernobyl, because of greater irradiation. Given that about 10 million people are living within a heavily contaminated zone (external exposure, water contamination, contamination of the whole food chain), there will be many novel diseases (in particular cancer, congenital malformations).


Each day about 400 tons of contaminated water are going and will go into the Pacific because there is no solution.

Do not eat fish from the Pacific. Test fish on radioactive isotopes which are accumulating.


All nuclear weapons in the world (constant danger of nuclear war) should be destroyed, all nuclear reactors halted (to avoid more accidents, limit the nuclear waste problem which has no solution).

We should switch to clean renewable cheaper energy if we want to stay alive and healthy.


The planet is silently dying. The world will no longer be the same.


I invite you to read the Divine Messages received since the beginning of the FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster and you will find out by yourself the similitude of statements made by dr Helen Caldicott and Soul St Jesus and be surprised that what is announced is indeed the sad TRUTH.




Dr Caldicott, on Facebook :


"The terrible cost of lies about safety and the outlawing of the reporting of truth."

The Other World critizes manyfold the authorities of ongoing lying and worldwide silencing instead of telling the truth to the ignorant public.



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