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Je suis à la recherche d'un éditeur pour la publication et diffusion à l'échelle mondiale du recueil de Messages Divins JESUS EN DIRECT.


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Looking for an editor for publication and worldwide commercialisation of the collection of Divine Messages JESUS LIVE.


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pour informer de la nouvelle réalité depuis le 11 mars 2011

URGENT APPEAL to inform on the new reality since March 11, 2011



"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

Albert Einstein

"Le monde est dangereux à vivre. Non pas à cause de ceux qui font le mal,

mais à cause de ceux qui regardent et laissent faire."

Albert Einstein


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell


"Les hommes répugnent à accepter ce qui est facile à saisir. "

  Henry Miller




Think again, think seven times again before you leap 
and start construction of new nuclear power plants.
Mikhail Gorbachev
June 2006

9 mars 2012 5 09 /03 /mars /2012 17:41

Dr Pflugbeil (physicist and anti-nuclear activist, on German TV 3sat) in an emission on Fukushima, is warning : reactor 4, which has no walls any more, being a ticking timebomb, could cause great harm with its 1500 combustion rods stored if the cooling pool came to collapse.  In this worst case scenario expect high radiation and the need to evacuate within a radius of 250 km (that is including Tokyo !!). This shows once again that otherworldly Messages were right recommending the immediate evacuation of Tokyo right after March 11.

(see otherworldly Messages on Evacuation of Tokyo )


Plutonium having been found at 45 km from the nuclear plant, which is not due to an hydrogene explosion as stated. Radiation is extremely high in the region ; 19 mSv/h measured by journalists in Minamisoto on the ground and up to 47 mSv/h in the mountains.

(see otherworldly Message on High Radioactivity , Consequences of High Radioactivity )


Health concerns are growing within the public, but people avoid speaking about it except mothers with little children who admit being frightended by the prospect of growing risk of cancer, leucaemia and infertility as well as widespread food and water contamination.

(see otherworldly Message on Health Concerns due to Radiation)

Japanese being raised to become obedient, respectful citizens, who don't dare to question any decisions taken by their authorities, even when they turn against their own people as for example hindering people to evacuate out of concerns about tax collection. Public health seems secondary to financial interests. People seem to lack flexibility and quick action in urgent situations ; they are regularly trained for earthquakes, but not for tsunamis or nuclear accidents as nuclear plants being considered safe.

(see otherworldly Message on Advice for Protection )

Private interests of the priviliged have created two worlds : the one of the extremely wealthy and powerful where private profit is more important than public interests (health and security) lacking any transparency and the one of ordinary people who are taking to the streets.

(see otherworldly Message on Profit Only )


At present, 70 % of the Japanese are against nuclear power plants and would prefer development of alternative energies possibilities for which are abundant in Japan (for example : hot water sources) . But Japan is lacking political will to persue an alternative energy policy as Government and private economic interests go hand in hand to promote atomic energy, reason why the Press and the public have been badly informed on the real dramatic situation since March 11.

(see otherworldly Message on Lack of Information , Information of Public)


Information was withheld and many lies published to hide the extent of the damage to Japan and the World. Having no plan how to cope with the dramatic situation, no plan how to decontaminate, politicians count on time as cancer, leukaemia, many novel diseases and reproduction problems due to excessive radiation and contamination of food and water supply, will mostly show only within the next years.

(see otherworldly Message on Consequences of Fukushima )


According to international scientists, the Japanese nuclear power plants being situated in areas of high risk, should all be halted. At present, only two power plants are in operation. There is an admitted 70 % risk of another big earthquake to come within the next few years. The quake of March 13 had magnitude 9, one of the five biggest ever worldwide.

(see otherworldly Message on Next Big Earthquake to come in Japan )



Conclusion : Inform the public of the dramatic situation and further risks of radiation, encourage people to evacuate, stop nuclear power plants worldwide immediately and turn to alternative energies. 

(see otherworldly Message on Evacuation, Stopping Nuclear Energy )


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